About us

About Us 

Over the last 16 years, DL-Lab, a leading pioneer in the instruments industry, has provided university laboratories and scientists with premium quality, warrantied analytical instruments and their installation, repair, and maintenance services. Having been initially founded in Germany, DL-Lab expanded its ventures beyond the German borders and has become a trusted partner for laboratories worldwide. 

DL-Lab, Where Quality Meets Excellence

We deal in premium, second-hand, specialized laboratory equipment such as mass spectrometers, mainly LC-MS and HPLC/UPLC's. We also purchase your surplus LC-MS systems. 

With customer satisfaction being the desired result, our customers can rest assured that all devices are delivered in mint condition. Moreover, our long-standing experience in the field guarantees complete assistance in queries regarding services and quotes. 

We've got you covered, so you can focus on what matters. Science and innovation. 

Reach out to us on the following: 

Tel.          +49 7661 - 909 70 68

E-Mail:    info@dl-lab.com

Web:       www.dl-lab.com

Or visit DL-Lab headquarters: 

Lindenaustr. 45

79199 Kirchzarten


What Makes Us Different

With nearly two decades of providing analytical solutions to laboratories across the globe, through sheer dedication and commitment, we've successfully established ourselves as a household name. Whether it's lab outfitting, finding the right equipment, or ensuring your laboratory is up to date and running to the best of its ability. 

Our unshakable foundation is based on core values and morals, which include: 

Building. Together. 

Our partners rely on us to provide them with the best products and services, which is why we take it upon ourselves to uphold that trust. DL-Lab works closely with each client to help create a customer-oriented solution for easy transitions. 


There can be no communication without comprehension, which is why we have thorough conversations with our clients regarding their requirements and expectations to ensure desired results are achieved. Always. 

Customer Service, It’s an Attitude

Whether it's assistance you need while purchasing or after-sales support to help with any issues with your equipment, we provide on-site diagnostics and rental deliveries. In addition, our team of trained experts will help your lab get up and going, cutting on downtime and saving on time. 

Excellence Through and Through

As the front runners in the field, it goes without question that we have highly trained, professional engineers, technicians, and chemists on board who leave no stone unturned when devising strategies and solutions. 

Consistency and Commitment

We're never satisfied at DL-Lab until the job is done right. So we're always looking for ways to improve our services by engaging in in-depth training and education sessions. 

All our instruments are ensured to function at the manufacturing company's original specifications, and this is done by internal testing before release and dispatch. 

Easy Sales and Trade of Surplus Equipment

Do you have surplus or unwanted laboratory equipment laying around that your lab doesn't have any space for whatsoever? Sell it to DL-Lab, and receive fair, market-competitive valuations immediately. Our highly trained sales specialists are available to guide you through the entire process.