Bruker amaZon speed ETD

From 2013, in excellent condition
Bruker Ion Trap 2013
Specifications: mass range 15-3000 m/z (or up to 6.000 m/z in extended mass mode), scan speeds up to u/sec depending on scan mode (Xtreme scan: 52.000 u/sec, Ultra scan: 32.000 u/sec, Enhanced resolution: 8.100 u/sec, maximum resolution: 5.200 u/sec),  up to 30.000 resolution depending on scan mode (Peak widths; Xtreme scan: 0.4 u, Ultra scan: 0.3 u, Enhanced resolution: 0.2 u, maximum resolution: 0.1u), CID and ETD fragmentation modes + PTR capability.
Noise reduction enclosure for roughing pump
Ionization sources: Apollo II, captiveSprayer 
Neutral loss scans for analysis of target compounds and posttranslational modifications (by ETD)
Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) 
Manual MSn up to MS11 in all scan modes for structural elucidation
Zero Delay Alternating™ polarity for up to 20 Hz MS acquisition speed 
Panorama fragmentation (PAN) enabling CID fragmentation without 1/3 cutoff
Roughing pump replaced in 2017
Installed in 2013
HP Z400 desktop computer + 24” monitor
Compass version 1.7